“Can the Abortion Pill be Reversed?” The answer to this very important question is yes! A Medical Abortion, Abortion Pill, RU-486 are all names for the series of two pills taken to end a pregnancy. New research shows that if taken correctly and in the right time frame, the process can be interrupted. Consider Zoe…

Zoe made the decision to take the abortion pill (Mifepristone) to end her pregnancy. The first pill she took right before walking into her Bio-Chemistry Final – her hardest class of the semester and the last final of her junior year. With the final completed, Zoe sighed with relief as she slumped into a chair at Starbucks where she met up with her on-again-off-again “friend with benefits”. She looked at him and a rush of remorse washed over her. What had she done? Did she really want to take the last pill? Did she really want him in her life? Can anything be done to stop the abortion process? She made a decision to take that first abortion pill with clouded/emotional judgment.

We have all been in Zoe’s situation of making a decision when overwhelmed. YES, she may be able to reverse the effects of the Mifepristone under the care of a medical professional. Studies show that high doses of Progesterone can counteract the abortion pill. To put it bluntly – it will reverse the effects of the first abortion pill.

What does this mean for you? If you find yourself rethinking the decision of taking the abortion pill (many women have felt the same way), do not take the (second) pill, then call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline.


Here are some trusted resources for you:
Care Net Owensboro 270.685.5077 (every service offered is free and confidential)

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