Care Net offers an ultrasound to confirm that the pregnancy is located within the uterus, to detect a heartbeat and to determine gestational age (or how many weeks pregnant you are).

Our ultrasound exams are provided free of charge and are completely confidential.

Performing ultrasound tests during pregnancy is a very safe and painless procedure. The ultrasound uses no radiation exposure.

We do not use ultrasound to determine sex.

Some restrictions apply.

In order to access this free service, you first need to schedule a pregnancy test and consultation appointment with Care Net. If your test is positive with no medical exclusions (such as vaginal bleeding or significant cramping), you will then be scheduled for an ultrasound.

Reference: Information on this page gathered from referenced and reviewed articles on the Mayo Clinic website.

Ask the Nurse

Why do I have to drink so much water before my ultrasound appointment?

Having a full bladder during your abdominal ultrasound allows us to obtain the best ultrasound “picture” images of you pregnancy.

Why does Care Net recommend I have an early ultrasound if I have a positive pregnancy test? or Why do I need an early ultrasound if I don’t plan to continue the pregnancy?

A positive pregnancy test means you have the pregnancy hormone in your body, but does not tell you how the pregnancy is progressing. Learning as much information as possible about your pregnancy can help you make an informed decision about your body. An early ultrasound answers these questions: Is the pregnancy growing in the right place? Does the fetus/baby have a heartbeat? What is my estimated due date? How far along am I?

Can I bring family, friends, or the father of my baby to my ultrasound appointment?

Yes. We encourage you to bring the people in your life who are supporting you in your pregnancy journey. To protect your confidentiality, a brief history will be taken and initial ultrasound measurements  may be done in private. Your support persons will be invited to join you in the ultrasound room after these are completed.