Be Sure You’re Really Pregnant

Before getting an abortion, you will need to verify that you have a viable (living) pregnancy. Even if you have pregnancy symptoms or have taken a home test, it helps to have a lab-quality pregnancy test to confirm. Care Net Owensboro offers free laboratory pregnancy tests that are more accurate than many over-the-counter varieties. If you test positive at Care Net Owensboro, we offer an obstetrical ultrasound to determine the status of your pregnancy.

Get an Ultrasound

If you have a positive pregnancy test at Care Net Owensboro, you may qualify for an ultrasound at our clinic. With an ultrasound, you’ll know for sure how many weeks pregnant you are, which is important information to know before making an abortion decision. You can also understand if you might be having a miscarriage and whether the pregnancy is in utero (in the uterus) or ectopic (outside the womb), which can be life-threatening. If you have a positive pregnancy test at Care Net Owensboro, you will be evaluated to see if you qualify for a free ultrasound.

You May Not Need an Abortion

If you’re worried about an unplanned pregnancy and would consider abortion if your pregnancy test is positive, you need to know that up to 25% of early pregnancies end in spontaneous miscarriage. At Care Net Owensboro, we can help you determine if your pregnancy is viable (living) with an ultrasound.

Make an appointment today. Know your options and know the facts before having an abortion.

How Much Do You Know About Abortion Procedures?

You deserve to know the facts and be fully informed before getting an abortion. At Care Net Owensboro we listen to you and take time to educate you on your abortion options. Different abortion methods are used at different stages of pregnancy. We will help you understand what you could expect from each abortion procedure and present the abortion risk factors so that you can make an informed decision. Make an appointment today to meet with one of our caring registered nurses.

Before Having an Abortion

If you’re considering getting an abortion, you should get the facts before you decide. Make an appointment to discuss your individual situation with Care Net Owensboro. We can figure out your options together and answer your questions about abortion so that you are in control. All of our services are confidential.

Should I Get An Abortion?

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering abortion, you deserve to know the facts and be fully informed. At Care Net Owensboro we take time to educate you on your abortion options. Make an appointment to meet with one of our registered nurses about your personal situation, discuss the abortion methods available to you, and get answers to the questions you may have.

  • Do you know for sure you are pregnant?
  • Do you know how far along you are?
  • Have you had an abortion before?
  • What are your rights with abortion providers?
  • What are the risks?

All services at Care Net Owensboro are confidential.

Important things to consider before choosing a medical abortion:

Beware:There is much misinformation about the Abortion Pill on the Internet.  Therefore, you should never order this medication on the internet.  There is no regulation so you don’t know what you are getting.

The FDA has an approved regimen for this medication. The FDA is aware that many medical practitioners use modified regimens, which may include prescribing different doses of mifepristone and misoprostol, dosing misoprostol on a different day, and/or advising patients to insert misoprostol tablets into the vagina.  While medical literature describes some of the modified regimens, the safety and effectiveness of mifepristone and misoprostol dosing regimens other than the one in currently approved labeling have not been evaluated by FDA.

Disclaimer: This site, and all information contained herein, is designed to be an informational tool only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or replace care from a qualified medical practitioner.

Our Center offers peer counseling and accurate information about all pregnancy options. This center is not an abortion clinic and does not offer abortion services or abortion referrals.

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