When the time comes to begin your journey toward healing after an abortion, Care Net is here for you.We realize  you may need care and support – a place where you can go for help. An abortion decision may provide great relief initially. However, many women report that they struggle months or years after their abortion with incredible burdens of repressed memories, guilt, shame, secrecy and/or depression all while seeming happy outwardly. Most women believe they are not allowed to talk about their feelings.Care Net’s recovery program, “Return to Joy”, is a weekend retreat that offers a safe place to talk freely and receive the help you deserve. You will meet someone who understands you because she has also experienced a pregnancy loss through abortion. As is the case with all our services, our recovery program is free and confidential.If you are ready to get started or merely want more information, feel free to complete our contact form, or call or text Care Net at (270) 685-5077.