November is National Adoption Month.

Here are four adoption myths debunked:

I’m a horrible person if I give my baby away.

FALSE. You are not “giving your baby away.” You are choosing to place your baby in a loving home where they can thrive and grow. That choice makes you quite the opposite of horrible–it makes you a selfless, loving mother.


My child won’t be loved in an adoptive home.

FALSE. Potential adoptive families are longing for a child. They desire to pour their time and resources into loving and raising a baby. Just as you are choosing to make an adoption plan, they are choosing to become adoptive parents.


I have no say in who adopts my child.

FALSE. If you work with a reputable adoption agency, you can be hands-on in selecting an adoptive family. Each couple/family submits photos and information about themselves to the agency. You can read these profiles, get to know a bit about each family, and then choose one for your child. For example, do you want your child to grow up in a home with animals? Then find a profile with a couple that has dogs. Do you want your child to see the beach? Then look for profiles of families that love to travel.


I will never know anything about my child.

FALSE. Many people do not know there are two types of adoptions: open and closed. A closed adoption means no personal information will be shared between you and the adoptive parents and you will not have any contact with them. Open adoption allows for varying levels of contact or association between you and the adoptive family. This form of adoption would help you stay up to date with your child. You have the power to choose which type of adoption is the best fit for you.


Remember, biological families are not perfect and neither are adoptive families. Your first decision is whether parenting or adoption is the right choice for you and your child. A loving professional at Care Net Owensboro can help you navigate this decision.

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